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Now the dream has come true!
Mac OSX on a PC with an Intel processor.
It sounds incredible, but maybe this is it now anyway.
You do not have to throw out XP/Vista or any other operating system, but only create a new Partition for OSX with Dual Boot.

This is an example.

Here is a site that helps you with installation on Mac OSX:
How'to install Mac OSX 10.4.6 on a PC [Dual Boot] 

"" wrote:

You need:
1. A prepatched OSX 10.4.6 install image
2. An empty dvd recordable (+ R or-R, rewritable NO!)
3. At Least 6 GB free space.
4. spfdisk
5. Acronis Disk Director Suite

The guide:
1. Get an prepatched OSX 10.4.6 install image.
2. Burn the image to an empty dvd recordable (+ R or-R)
>> Use your favorite burn program for this (I recommend Nero Burning Rom or Alcohol 120%)
3. Create at Least 6GB unallocated space on your hard disk using Partition Magic:
>> Start Partition Magic
>> Click on 'Resize / Move Partition
>> Move the Slider to make the Partition Smaller and hit OK
>> Click on 'Apply'
>> Close Partition Magic

4. Click 'START> Run ...' and type 'diskpart' (Without quotes)
3. Type in (press enter after-you typed in a line):

list disk
select disk [the number of your disk
create primary id = Partition of

5. Close the command window.

6. Make Sure you have a bootable disk with fdisk (I recommend spfdisk), so That you can change your Active Partition if it goes wrong! Also: After this step you can not use your computer for up to 1 hour!

>> To install spfdisk just insert a disk Formatted Rochette and open the exe file

7. Click 'START> Run ...' and type 'diskpart' (Without quotes)
8. Type in (press enter after-you typed in a line):

list disk
select disk [the number of your disk]
art Partition
select Partition [the number of your OSX Partition]
set active

9. Insert the OSX install disk and reboot your computer, follow the installation steps on your screen.
10. Boot Into Windows.
11. Install Acronis Disk Director Suite, install the OS selector.
12. Start OS selector, configure (follow on screen steps) it and restart your computer.
13. After the last reboot you should see a nice dual boot menu and should be CD to boot OSX.

More info:

You have probably heard that apple are now using intel processors instead of the old powerPC processors, what this means is that it is possible to run it on a normal computer (if you patch it)! This guide will tell you how to install OS X 10.4.3 (the latest version that has been patched to work with a normal PC) and troubleshoot any problems you come across.

Okay first you will need a few things:

* A pc with at least SSE2, preferably SSE3
* An iso image of Mac OS X 10.4.3 x86 (will be called somthing like macosx_10.4.3_8f1111_for_dtk_userdvd.iso, get a pre-patched one if possible).
* If the iso isn’t pre-patched then you need a patch, there are quite a few available…
* Partition Magic or other partitioning program.
* Windows XP or another operating system with Diskpart (other partiton utilities that let you set the partition guid might work)
* A bootup disk that contains a partitioning program that has the ability to change the active partition (for example: UBCD)

Okay lets get started:
1. If the iso isn’t pre-patched patch it.
2. Burn the ISO to a DVD+/-R
3. Open partition magic or a partitioning program of your choice and resize one of your partitions so there is at least 6GB of unallocated space.
4. Open diskpart by clicking start -> run -> diskpart and pressing enter. You should see a prompt.
5. Type:
select disk 0 [enter]
create partition primary id=af [enter]
select partiton 2 [enter]
active [enter]

(Replace the 2 after partition with the number of the partition you just created, you can list the partitions using list partition)
(If you have more than one disk your disk number might be diferent, you can list your disks by typing list disk)
6. Put the OS X x86 DVD in you dvd drive and reboot (make sure your BIOS is set to boot from cd/dvd if it doesn’t boot from the dvd), after its finished loading you should see an installation screen (if you don’t see the troubleshooting section). Folow the instructions to install OS X!

Optional Bits (Duel booting etc.)
If you have windows on your computer as well you will probably want to be able to select between them:
1. Use a startup disk to set your windows partition back to active.
2. Once back in windows do start -> run -> cmd.exe -> ok.
3. Type:
c: [enter]
cd \ [enter]
(replace ‘c’ with your boot-up drive)
4. Type “debug.exe” then press enter.
5. Paste the following:
E100 fa 31 c0 8e d0 bc f0 ff fb 8e c0 8e d8 be 00 7c
E110 bf 00 e0 fc b9 00 01 f2 a5 ea 1e e0 00 00 66 31
E120 c0 66 a3 91 e1 a2 95 e1 b4 41 bb aa 55 cd 13 72
E130 0e 81 fb 55 aa 75 08 f6 c1 01 0f 95 06 95 e1 b0
E140 01 31 db 8e c3 bb 00 10 89 de c7 04 00 00 c7 44
E150 02 01 00 66 c7 44 08 00 00 00 00 e8 b2 00 72 08
E160 bf be 11 b4 00 e8 0f 00 fe c2 f6 c2 04 74 af be
E170 7b e1 e8 f6 00 eb fe 51 56 81 7d 40 55 aa 0f 85
E180 8b 00 89 fe b9 04 00 80 7c 04 ab 74 0f 80 7c 04
E190 a8 74 09 80 7c 04 af 74 03 e9 2b 00 b0 01 bb 00
E1a0 00 8e c3 bb 00 7c e8 67 00 72 1c 81 bf fe 01 55
E1b0 aa 0f 85 58 00 66 8b 44 08 66 03 06 91 e1 66 89
E1c0 44 08 ea 00 7c 00 00 81 c6 10 00 e2 ba 89 fe b9
E1d0 04 00 8a 44 04 3c 05 74 11 3c 0f 74 0d 3c 85 74
E1e0 09 81 c6 10 00 e2 eb e9 23 00 b0 01 31 db 8e c3
E1f0 bb 00 12 e8 1a 00 72 e9 08 e4 75 09 66 8b 6c 08
E200 66 89 2e 91 e1 fe c4 bf be 13 e8 6a ff 5e 59 c3
E210 51 f6 06 95 e1 01 74 0a b9 05 00 e8 24 00 73 0c
E220 e2 f9 b9 05 00 e8 06 00 73 02 e2 f9 59 c3 60 8a
E230 74 01 8b 4c 02 b4 02 cd 13 73 05 31 c0 cd 13 f9
E240 61 c3 60 89 e5 1e 1e 66 8b 0e 91 e1 66 03 4c 08
E250 66 51 06 53 30 e4 50 68 10 00 89 e6 b4 42 cd 13
E260 73 05 31 c0 cd 13 f9 89 ec 61 c3 bb 01 00 fc ac
E270 3c 00 74 06 b4 0e cd 10 eb f5 c3 0a 0d 43 68 61
E280 69 6e 20 62 6f 6f 74 69 6e 67 20 65 72 72 6f 72
E290 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
E2f0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 55 aa

6. Open up c:\boot.ini (replace ‘c’ with your boot up drive).
7. Near the top make sure timeout=5 (or more) (this is how long the boot selection screen is shown for).
8. Add this line to the bottom:
c:\CHAIN0="Apple Mac OS X x86" (again replace ‘c’ with your boot partition).


* The install disk hangs on the screen with the apple logo - Restart, when the disk starts loading quickly press F8 (you will have a few seconds) then type -v and press enter
* I get a “Waiting for root device” error when the install disk loads - The installer doesn’t like somthing about your dvd drive or your ATA Controller, try setting your dvd drive to master and/or connecting it to a different IDE connector.
* I have tried the above and still get “Waiting for root device” - You have a few options, you could try installing from a USB DVD drive (I havn’t tried this) or you can install OS X on another computer (maby a freinds) and copy over an image of the partition you install to, I will make a guide on how to do this soon.
* I installed OS X but after rebooting I get the “Waiting for root device” error - This means the same as before except it is you hard drive that it doesn’t like, try setting the drive to master and/or connecting it to a different IDE connector, if this doesn’t work theres not much else you can do…
* OS X runs realy slow - There can be a few reasons for this, the reason I had was the drivers for my grapics card wern’t working correctly, you could try deleting them (how to do this is out of the scope of this article, try looking at a site like

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