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I list here some interesting tools. Enjoy responsibly...


Colour calculator
This color calculator gadget is a handy little web developer tool that allows you to choose a color by either using the RGB slider controls or entering numbers to the text boxes. It also functions as a RGB-to-Hex or Hex-to-RGB color converter.

You can download it here  (if you don't want to run it online)
.nfo freware viewer

This is a freeware viewer for .nfo files, commonly seen into cracks, patches and lot of other stuff.

You can download it here 

[Icon] Flyingcode NFO-Viewer 1.0

This NFO-Viewer displays any .nfo or .diz art completely correct by using a font, which consists of all the characters used in the DOS-ASCII character definition.

During the time NFO-Viewer is running, this TrueType font is installed to the Windows fontpool under 'NFO Font Temp-Install...'.

Features of this version:
  • multiple instances
  • editable colorstyles
  • window settings are saved
  • recent files list
  • drag and drop
  • optional association with .nfo .diz and .txt on setup
  • hyperlink parser which lets you visit up to 10 hyperlinks
  • quick character set
  • and more...

This version seems to run stable though it is not tested on many systems yet. If you experience problems using Flyingcode NFO-Viewer, please inform me about that.

One major bug is already known: NFO-Viewer sometimes does not display the correct character set anymore. It will be fixed in a future version. Till then you can use this step-by-step solution:

  • Close all instances of the NFO-Viewer
  • Locate the hidden files "nfofont.tmp" and "nfoinst.tmp" (normally stored in the default temporary directory, e.g. "c:\windows\temp\")
  • Delete those files and try to run NFO-Viewer again
  • Do you still experience the same problem? Drop me a line and attach a screenshot of an opened .nfo if possible

  • Screenshots (still an old version, update follows):

    Screenshot Screenshot Farbschemata Screenshot Characterset

    Flyingcode NFO-Viewer is Freeware. Please visit a sponsor once in a while!
    Binary to Decimal to Hexadecimal Converter
    This gadget can do Binary to Decimal to Hexadecimal conversions. Can convert negatives and fractional parts too. Just type in any box, and the conversion is done "live". Accuracy is "unlimited" between binary and hexadecimal (and vice versa), and is up to 15 digits for decimals.

    You can download it here  (if you don't want to run it online)
    PixResizer - Freeware image resizer
    PIXresizer is a photo resizing program to easily create web and e-mail friendly versions of your images with reduced file sizes. The reduced files are saved in a different folder, so your original images are not altered at all. PIXresizer offers several different resizing methods to choose from and can automatically recognize image sizes to calculate the best fit. In addition, it can convert between image formats (JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF), rotate images, convert to grayscale and resize multiple images in batch mode. It also allows you to keep the original EXIF information from your images. A great companion for webmasters and digital photographers.

    • Simple Four-Step Workflow
    • Easy 'Apply recommended' option to make it even more user friendly
    • Works with single files as well as with multiple files all at once
    • Option to convert between graphics formats (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tif)
    • Can be used to create thumbnails (takes one move on a slider)
    • Smart Ratio Calculation (image proportions can be overruled by the user)
    • EXIF support, JPEG compression, TIFF compression, DPI settings
    • Runs on Windows 98/ME/NT4/2k/2k3/2k8/XP/Vista/7

    Download current version

    You will be prompted to choose a location on your computer to save the file to. Should you experience download problems, click here to try at another location.
     DOWNLOAD [ 3.3 Mb .zip] or You can download it here

    Download an older version compatible with Windows 95

    From version 2.0.0 up, PIXresizer will not run on this older system anymore. However, you can still access and use version 1.0.9 without loosing too much functionality. Get it here:
     DOWNLOAD [ 2.2 Mb .zip ] or You can download it here

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